What will you do when the Power goes out?

The power goes out and your first thoughts turn to:

  • When will the power come back?
  • It's cold outside. How will I heat my home?
  • My refridgerator doesn't work. Will my food spoil?
  • It's raining outside and my sump doesn't work. Will my basement flood
  • My microwave and electric oven are useless. How will I cook?
  • My television doesn't work, or my Internet or new Internet phone.
  • I work from home. Now what?

Stop worrying about Power outages!

Get a permanent standby power system from PowerBaX!

A permanent standby power system is always there, ready to go when utility power fails. Rain, sleet, snow, traffic accidents and grid overloads will no longer be a concern.

Why you need a Backup Generator

Power outages have affected all parts of the country recently, and they are not all storm related. Several human factors can cause outages as well, ranging from accidents to utility grid overload.

Once just a nuisance, electrical loss in the modern world can cause serious damage, but not only to your property.

If you are a home-based telecommuter, lost power equals lost income AND lost opportunity. Imagine losing an auction because you could not get online. Imagine not attending a webcast or online conference because you have no power while others do.

Why choose PowerBaX?

PowerBaX is a fully licensed and authorized Guardian and Guardian Elite dealer that will can handle all your standby power system needs. Learn more about us or contact us for an onsite estimate!